Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 45 
3. Preview Your Work 
Before you unveil your new web page or site, you ll want to make sure it looks just the way 
you intended. You can preview your pages anytime while you work. To take a look at your 
progress while working on a page, head to the File menu and choose Preview in Browser. 
A preview of your page will display in a new browser window.  
4. Publish Your Site 
SiteBuilder works offline, performing all of its functions   just like a word processing 
program or other desktop software   on your PC. While you re using SiteBuilder to build 
your pages, you re creating and editing files on your own computer. Naturally your 
customers and friends can t access files on your computer, so when you re happy with your 
work, you ll want to publish your site so that people can find your pages on the Web. 
When you re ready to show your creations 
to the world, you ll simply copy your page 
files from the web site folder on your 
computer to your Yahoo! Web Hosting or 
Merchant Solutions account. This transfer is 
called publishing. When you publish your 
web pages, you make them available on the 
World Wide Web. (Please note that you ll 
need a Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions 
account to publish your site.) 
Publishing is only clicks away: First connect your computer to the Internet, if you haven t 
already. In SiteBuilder, head to the File menu and choose Publish Site... (or 
just click the Publish button in your SiteBuilder toolbar), then follow the simple 
steps to publish your pages online.  
After you publish, anyone will be able to see your site by typing your web address (such as 
http://www.widgetdesigns.com) in a web browser. Not happy with your first try? Remember 
that you can edit, update, and republish your pages   even replace your work with a whole 
new site   as often as you like. 
Next Steps 
Where do you go from here? Your web site doesn t end with the first time you publish: To 
keep your visitors coming back, we recommend that you keep your site fresh by updating 
your content regularly. Keep in mind that Yahoo! offers dozens of ways to make your site 
successful. For more information, explore the rest of the SiteBuilder User Guide or browse 
our online Web Hosting guides at 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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