Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 58 
Common Questions  
This section includes quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about 
using Yahoo! SiteBuilder.  
1. How do I preview my pages before publishing them?  
To see a page as it will appear to your web site visitors: 
Open the page you want to preview.  
Select Preview in Browser from the File menu. The 
currently open page will display in a separate browser 
Note: To preview changes additional changes to your page, be 
sure to close the preview window and launch a new one by 
selecting Preview in Browser from the File menu. Clicking the 
browser s Refresh or Reload button will not display changes 
made to the page after a preview window is launched. 
Keyboard shortcut: F12  
Toolbar shortcut: 
2. How do I create a navigation bar for my web site?  
SiteBuilder makes it easy to create navigation bars for use throughout your site. A well 
designed navigation bar will give your web site a professional look and feel. 
Note: For the easiest navigation bar creation, we recommend that before getting started, 
you create the pages to which you d like your navigation bar to link. 
To create a navigation bar for use on your web pages: 
Select Navigation Bars from the Insert menu.  
Select Create Navigation Bar.  
Highlight the pages in the Available Pages list that you would like to associate with a 
navigation bar button.  
Click the right arrow button to associate the pages with navigation bar buttons.  
Enter the text you would like to appear on each button in the Display Text fields.  
Select a button style using the Theme: pull down menu.  
Use the radio buttons to select the vertical or horizontal layout.  
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