Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 63 
Note: Depending on your Internet connection speed and the size of the site you choose to 
publish, publishing a site may take up to several minutes. 
If you encounter problems while publishing, please see our the troubleshooting tips in the 
SiteBuilder user guide or online at 
4. I don t have a Yahoo! Web Hosting account. How can I sign up for one?  
To sign up for a Yahoo! Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions account, visit us online at the 
Yahoo! Web Hosting or Yahoo! Merchant Solutions home pages at 
http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/webhosting/ or http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/merchant/ 
and select the plan that s right for you. 
5. Why is my image broken?  
If an image on your site is broken or does not load completely, it could be referenced 
incorrectly. When you use SiteBuilder to add an image to a web page, it automatically 
updates your page to reference the image name properly; however, if you have altered your 
page s HTML manually, you may have introduced errors in the link used to display your 
image. Your domain name and file names are case sensitive, so check your links to make 
sure you have used the same capitalization pattern. If one letter in your file name is 
capitalized, and the same letter is not capitalized in the link that refers to it, SiteBuilder 
assumes that the files are unrelated, and you ll see a broken image on your page. 
We suggest that you use all lowercase letters in your file names. If you have already named 
your files, you might consider renaming them; then make sure the references to these files 
are also in lowercase. You can review and modify your file names easily in the Site Contents 
pane, located in the upper right corner of the SiteBuilder interface. 
If your image will not display at all, first make sure that you have added the image to your 
site (you should be able to locate it in your file structure in the Site Contents pane) and 
published your site. If you have added the image and published, and the image still does 
not display properly, try to add and publish it again. The file may have become corrupted 
during the uploading process.  
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