Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 66 
If you have associated more than one domain with your Yahoo! ID, click Browse... next 
to the Import from: field, then use the pull down menu in the Import from... dialog to 
choose the site whose files you would like to import. Click OK to return to the Import 
Site dialog. 
In the Import Site dialog, choose OK to confirm your choices and begin importing 
your site.  
SiteBuilder will display your import progress. Please be aware that importing very 
large sites can take some time to complete.  
You will see a confirmation message when the import process is complete. Click OK 
to start working with your imported site.  
7. Can I create my own template?  
Yes. If you intend to build many web pages using the same basic colors and formatting, you 
can save time by creating your own template. 
To create your own template, simply create and save the page you would like to use as your 
template. Be sure to save this page with a file name you will remember, like 
Now, whenever you need to create a new web page based on this template, simply open 
your saved page, make whatever changes you would like to the page, and save it with a 
different file name by selecting Save Page As... from the File menu. 
8. I have more than one Yahoo! ID. How can I sign in using a different Yahoo! ID?  
If you are managing multiple web sites that are associated with more than one Yahoo! ID, 
and you have recently published changes to one site, you may need to sign in with the 
appropriate Yahoo! ID before publishing changes to another site. 
To sign in with a different Yahoo! ID: 
Select Change User... from the File menu.  
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