Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 81 
Troubleshooting Tips 
These troubleshooting tips should help with problems you might encounter when trying to 
publish your web site. 
For more troubleshooting help anytime, see the SiteBuilder User Guide or our online help 
center, at 
Verify Your Internet Connection 
Confirm that your computer has an active connection to the Internet. A simple way of 
verifying your Internet connection is to open your web browser and try to connect to an 
Internet web site. 
Verify Your Yahoo! Web Hosting Account 
Publishing your web site requires a Yahoo! Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions account. 
Please note that having a Yahoo! ID is not the same as having a Yahoo! Web Hosting or 
Merchant Solutions account. If you have a Yahoo! Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions 
account, verify that your account is still active by signing in to Yahoo! at 
Upgrade SiteBuilder 
If you re seeing an error message when you try to publish or import that says, "Unable to 
negotiate a secure connection with the server," you may need to upgrade your SiteBuilder 
When you publish or import a site or catalog with Yahoo! SiteBuilder, your computer 
transmits your Yahoo! account user name and password to the Yahoo! servers: Just as you 
need your user name and password to sign in to your Web Hosting Control Panel, you must 
provide this information to communicate with our servers. By default, SiteBuilder will 
transmit this information using a secure connection, protected by SSL (Secure Sockets 
Layer) technology. 
Yahoo! is changing the way it manages these secure connections, and due to these 
changes, you will be unable to successfully connect with the Yahoo! servers to publish or 
import unless you are using SiteBuilder version 2.2 or higher.  
Important: If your version of SiteBuilder is older than version 2.2, you will need to upgrade 
by downloading a new version of SiteBuilder rather than using the update tools available in 
your computer s Start menu. Downloading will simply copy the updates to your computer, 
replacing your old version of SiteBuilder while leaving all of your work and your web site 
intact. (Note that you will be able to use the standard update process for future upgrades, 
and that Yahoo! SiteBuilder remains a free tool. There is no charge for upgrading.) 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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