Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 83 
name and password to sign in to your Web Hosting Control Panel, you must provide this 
information to communicate with our servers. By default, SiteBuilder will transmit this 
information using a secure connection, protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 
If, when trying to publish or import your web site, you encounter a sign in or user 
name/password error, the secure connection could be to blame. First try disabling or 
reconfiguring your firewall or antivirus software (see the previous tip). If you still cannot 
publish or import your site, try disabling the secure connection.  
To disable the secure connection: 
Select Preferences... from the Tools menu.  
Select the General tab from the Preferences window.  
Uncheck the box next to Use secure connection to sign in.  
Click OK.  
Note: For your own security, be sure to disable the secure connection only when trying to 
connect to the Yahoo! servers.  
Try Again Later 
If you cannot publish your site and have exhausted the above options, the problem may lie 
with the server to which Yahoo! SiteBuilder is attempting to connect. Chances are that 
Yahoo! Web Hosting is already aware of the problem and is working towards solving it. If 
this rare situation arises, we apologize for the temporary inconvenience and recommend 
that you try to publish your web site again at a later time. 
Can t See Your Home Page? 
If you ve already created a home page but are not seeing this page at your web address, 
you may need to rename your home page file. If you create your site with the Site Creation 
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