Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 85 
Keyboard Shortcuts 
File Menu 
Ctrl+N: New Page Without Template  
Ctrl+Shift+N: New Page with Template  
Ctrl+O: Open Page...  
Ctrl+S: Save Page  
F12: Preview in Browser  
Alt+X: Exit SiteBuilder 
Page Navigation 
Page Up: Display one screen page up  
Page Down: Display one screen page down 
Element Movement 
Up Arrow: Nudge selected items up one pixel  
Down Arrow: Nudge selected items down one pixel  
Left Arrow: Nudge selected items left one pixel  
Right Arrow: Nudge selected items right one pixel 
Element Editing 
Ctrl+Z: Undo action  
Ctrl+Y: Redo action  
Ctrl+X: Cut selected elements  
Ctrl+C: Copy selected elements to the clipboard  
Ctrl+V: Paste selected elements from the clipboard  
Delete: Delete all selected elements  
Ctrl+A: Select all page elements  
Ctrl+D: Unselect all page elements  
Enter: Modify selected element  
Ctrl+L: Modify selected link  
Ctrl+G: Snap element to grid  
Ctrl+Shift+F: Bring element to front  
Ctrl+Shift+B: Send element to back  
Ctrl+Shift+A: Align elements  
Text Editing 
Ctrl+X: Cut selected text  
Ctrl+C: Copy selected text to the clipboard  
Ctrl+V: Paste selected text from the clipboard  
Ctrl+B: Apply bold formatting to selected text  
Ctrl+I: Italicize selected text  
Ctrl+U: Underline selected text  
Double Click: Select entire word or URL  
Ctrl+Left Arrow: Move cursor to previous word  
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