Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 88 
On the Create & Update tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel, click the "PageBuilder" 
link, then choose "Launch PageBuilder." (You can also head straight to your Index tab 
and click the "PageBuilder" link under "Create & Update.")  
Click on the "New" button on the toolbar, or click on "File" in the menu bar and choose 
"New Page" from the pull down menu.  
A new blank page will load. Your page is ready to add text, images, or add ons.  
Please note: When you are prompted to name your files, be sure to enter names that include 
no special characters, symbols, or spaces. File names can only contain upper  or lowercase 
letters, numbers, underscores (_), dashes ( ), and periods (.), and cannot start with a period.  
How long does it take to launch PageBuilder? 
The amount of time it takes to launch PageBuilder depends on many factors, such as system 
speed, modem speed, and network congestion. The table below will give you a feel for 
download times at common connection speeds:  
Connection Speed  Startup Time 
28KB modem 
2 to 5 minutes 
56KB modem 
1 to 3 minutes 
15 to 45 seconds 
How can I improve PageBuilder s performance?  
PageBuilder is cached by your browser, so increasing your browser cache size may help 
improve performance if you use PageBuilder often.  
If PageBuilder is slow, you might also try the following to help improve performance:  
Close all applications except your browser.  
Increase your browser cache size.  
Use the latest version of your browser.  
Can I close the "house building" window?  
When you launch PageBuilder, a window will open containing an 
image of a house under construction. This window represents 
PageBuilder s connection to the Internet. Closing this window will 
close the PageBuilder program, so be sure to close it only after 
you ve finished editing and saving your work.  
How do I access a web page I created in PageBuilder? 
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