Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 89 
Each time you save a page in PageBuilder, you ll see a confirmation message that includes the 
web address of the page. You can view your page by typing this web address in the address 
bar of your web browser. 
Can I work with PageBuilder when I m not connected to the Internet? 
No. PageBuilder is an online tool that allows you to publish the pages you create, edit, and 
save immediately. To use PageBuilder, you will need to be connected to the Internet 
throughout your editing session. 
How do I set my program preferences for PageBuilder?  
To set your program preferences:  
From the PageBuilder "Edit" menu, select "Preferences."  
When the pop up window appears, select or deselect options by 
clicking the corresponding checkboxes.  
When you re satisfied with your choices, click "OK."  
Preference descriptions:  
Show tooltips: Selecting this option will allow you to see 
instructional text when you hold your mouse over items on the 
toolbar and menu.  
Show overlapping elements: Selecting this option will cause an overlapping page 
element to appear in a red box of grid lines.  
Show outlines of elements: Selecting this option will surround each page element 
with a border, allowing you to easily distinguish one page element from another.  
Show Add Ons as toolbox: Selecting this option will cause PageBuilder to display 
the add ons pop up window as a floating palette.  
1 click text editing: Selecting this option will cause PageBuilder to automatically 
enter text editing mode when a text element is selected.  
Show Tip of the Day at startup: Selecting this option will cause PageBuilder to 
display a Tip of the Day each time PageBuilder is loaded.  
Auto properties: Selecting this option controls whether an element s property 
window opens automatically. The default setting is "On."  
On startup, begin with the last page edited: Selecting this option will 
automatically open the page you were editing when you last used PageBuilder.  
Cache enabled: Selecting this option will allow PageBuilder to load and operate much 
faster in your browser.  
Create new pages using layers: Selecting this option will turn on the Layer option in 
all new pages you create, so you can overlap elements on your pages.  
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