Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 104 
To create your starter web page:  
In Step 1 of the Starter Web Page Wizard, choose a template by clicking the 
corresponding radio button. You can preview each template by clicking on its 
thumbnail image; a full size version of the template will open in a new window. (You 
can also see your starter web page s progress at any time by clicking the "Preview" 
In Step 2, enter your contact information into the fields provided. Please note that you 
may not use any HTML code or images in these fields. We will automatically convert 
your email address into a mailto: link (in other words, your web site visitors will be 
able to send you a message by clicking your email address).  
Click the "Preview" button to review your work (a preview version of your page will 
open in a new window). If you would like to change your template or edit any of your 
contact or business information, just return to the Starter Web Page Wizard screen and 
make your changes. 
When you are happy with your new starter web page, click the "Publish" button at the 
bottom of the page to make it available to your web site visitors. 
You will arrive on a page that confirms the successful publishing of your starter web 
page and includes a link to your published page for review. If your domain is still 
pending, your starter web page will not be viewable. However, you will be able to 
preview your page from within the Starter Web Page Wizard. We recommend that you 
do not publish, announce, or share your web address until your domain has become 
To make further edits, choose the "Starter Web Page Wizard" link. To finish this task, 
select "Finish." 
Your starter web page will be visible to the public immediately unless your domain is pending.  
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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