Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 105 
What s the difference between the Starter Web Page Wizard and Yahoo! 
The Starter Web Page Wizard allows you to build a single placeholder web page using limited 
text and one of our eight predesigned templates. You may display some basic company or 
personal information but not add graphics, HTML code, or other design features. With the 
Starter Web Page Wizard, you can create your starter web page quickly to establish a web 
presence until you re ready to build a full featured, fully customized web site.  
Yahoo! SiteBuilder provides the flexibility and easy to use tools you need to create a 
professional, multipage web site. Unlike the Starter Web Page Wizard, which is an online tool, 
SiteBuilder runs on your own computer and gives you complete creative freedom over every 
aspect of your web site organization and design. Drag and drop editing, the ability to add 
graphics and HTML links, unlimited page creation, and a choice of more than 380 
customizable templates make SiteBuilder the right choice for anyone looking to make a 
stronger statement online.  
What kinds of information can my starter web page include? 
Your starter web page can include a title and subtitle, your contact information, and a short 
description of your business. Please note that you cannot add pages, graphics, or HTML code 
to the starter web page templates.  
You can enter information in some or all of the following fields:  
Heading: the title of your page. You may want to enter your business name here. 
Subheading: a smaller title that appears under your main page title. You might enter 
a company slogan or tagline here. 
Enter information about your company: a short description of your company. You 
can enter up to 1000 characters, or about 12 15 lines of text. You might use this 
space to give a brief overview of the work you do, products you sell, or services you 
offer, or simply create a personalized "Under Construction" message. 
Email: your contact email address. We will automatically convert your email address 
into a mailto: link (in other words, your web site visitors will be able to send you a 
message by clicking your email address). 
Phone Number: your contact phone number. 
Address: your mailing address (use both lines if necessary). 
City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, Country: your mailing address city, state 
or province, zip or postal code, and country. 
Please note that Yahoo! does not check, or validate, your contact or business information. 
Please review your work to ensure that your address and email address are spelled correctly.  
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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