Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 109 
some of our members prefer to hand code their HTML; advanced users can also use the Text 
Editor to create files in other languages, such as XML or CSS. 
To open the Text Editor, choose the corresponding link in the Create & Update or Index tabs 
of your Web Hosting Control Panel, or click the "Text" link at the top of the File Manager. 
How do I create links? 
To create a link to a file or folder, you need to use an  tag. Add your file name to the first 
part of the tag, and include the words you want to link between the tags. In the example 
below, we link the sentence "This is my home page" to a file called "index.html." 
This is my home page. 
If you d like to link to a file located within a subdirectory, just include the subdirectory with 
the file name. (The series of subdirectories before the file name is called the file s path.) In 
the example below, we link our sentence to a file called "index.html" that is stored in a 
subdirectory called "subdirectory1." 
This is my home page. 
If you d like to link to a page that s not in your web site directory (in other words, a page 
outside of your own web site), you will need to include the entire web address of the page. In 
the example below, we link our sentence to Yahoo! s home page. 
This is Yahoo! s home page. 
You can link to other kinds of files the same way. For example, you might have uploaded an 
audio clip to your File Manager. You can link to this clip with an  tag. In the example 
below, clicking the word "Listen" would open the audio file "mysong.mp3."  
Creating a link to an image is just as easy. For this task you need to use an  tag. Add 
your image file name to the tag; then, when you add this link to your page, you will be able 
to display the image. In the example below, we create a link to the image called "logo.jpg."  
You can link an image to a destination the same way you link words. In the example below, 
we ll link our image to our home page, "index.html." When a visitor clicks on our image, they 
will go to the home page.  
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