Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 111 
What is the basic structure of an HTML document?  
HTML documents are made up of elements called tags, which define the presentation of the 
web page. Most tags in an HTML document must be followed somewhere in the file with a 
closing tag. For example: 
This is an opening tag: 
This is a closing tag:   
Note that the difference between these two tags is only the presence of a forward slash after 
the opening bracket of the tag. The forward slash is what makes this a closing tag. 
Nearly every HTML page is written in this basic format:  
Page Title 
The main part of the document goes here. 
Every HTML document must include the opening  tag at the top of the file, and the 
closing  tag at the very end of the file.  
Beneath the opening html tag you ll find the  section. Here you will place your web 
page keywords, description, and page title. Some of the tags associated with the head section 
These tags open and close the head section. Your keyword, description, and title tags 
must be placed between these tags.  
The title of your web page will go between these tags. The title you include here will 
appear at the top of the browser window when someone views your web page, and will 
also appear when someone creates a bookmark this page.  
You can use meta tags to describe your site and help search engines catalog your web 
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