Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 112 
The body of the page   your page content, including text, images, and links   appears after 
the closing head tag. With the opening  tag, you can also set a background image or 
color for your page, as well as the color of your text and HTML links. For example:  
My home page says "Under Construction." What do I do? 
If you see an "Under Construction" page when you visit your domain (such as 
http://www.widgetdesigns.com), you have not yet replaced the placeholder web page for you 
we created for you when you signed up for your plan. This file is named "index.html," and can 
be replaced with a page you create using one of our site building tools, such as SiteBuilder, or 
your own site building software.  
By default, the page you ll see when you visit your web address is "index.html." If you ve 
already created a home page but are not seeing this page at your web address, you may 
need to rename your page (for example, if you named your home page "home.html," you 
should change its name to "index.html"). With a third party tool such as Microsoft FrontPage, 
you can use your own software to rename the file, then reupload your file to replace the 
default page we provided. If you used another tool to create your page, you can rename your 
page using File Manager:  
Open your File Manager by clicking the "File Manager" link on the Create & Update, Manage, 
or Index tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel. 
Check the box next to the file you want to rename.  
Click the "Rename" button. 
Enter the new name for your file ("index.html"). 
Click the "Rename" button to save your change. 
If File Manager will not let you rename the page you selected, you may need to delete the 
default index.html file first. 
Remember that file names are case sensitive. Your home page needs to be named 
"index.html"; "Index.html" or "INDEX.html," for example, will not be displayed when you visit 
your web address. Also, be sure your file includes the extension .html. If your file name ends 
with .htm, you may need to resave it as an .html file. 
Using Microsoft FrontPage 
What Is Microsoft FrontPage? 
Microsoft FrontPage is a site building and management tool appropriate for intermediate to 
advanced users that allows you to create and edit web pages using a graphical interface that 
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