Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 113 
will be familiar to users of Microsoft Office products. Yahoo! supports FrontPage 2002 
extensions and makes it easy to use FrontPage with your Web Hosting account. (Please note 
that FrontPage and other third party software must be purchased separately from Yahoo! 
Web Hosting.) 
How do I publish to my site using FrontPage? 
If you plan to use FrontPage to build and update your web site, you need to activate 
FrontPage publishing for your site before you create or upload any web site files to your 
hosting account. Activation installs the files in your web site directory that you need to publish 
with FrontPage. 
To activate FrontPage:  
On the Create & Update tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel, click the "FrontPage" 
link. If you have not yet activated FrontPage (or you have deactivated FrontPage 
publishing), you will see the FrontPage activation page. 
To complete the activation process, you ll need to assign a default author for your root 
web (your top level site directory). Select an existing author from the pull down menu 
or add a name and password for a new author. 
Click "Activate" to save your work and begin activation. 
Depending on the number of files in your root web when you begin, the activation process 
may take from a few seconds to several hours to complete. During this process, you will not 
have access to your root web or any items in the FrontPage console. To review your activation 
status anytime, click the "Refresh" or "Reload" button in your browser. 
When the activation process is complete, you ll be able to use the FrontPage console assign 
more authors to your root web, work with subwebs, and more. Remember that the user 
account you use to authorize activation will be given default publishing access to the root web 
but have no subsequent special privileges. To assign authoring privileges in other site 
directories, you ll need to create or activate subwebs.  
To publish to your site, follow these steps:  
In the FrontPage File menu, click on "Publish Web." 
In the "Specify the location to publish your web to" field, type in your Web Hosting 
domain name (for example, http://yourdomain.com). 
The Publish Web window contains an "Include subwebs" checkbox. If you plan on 
working on your web site alone (in other words, you do not plan to allow others 
publishing privileges) and keeping the full version of your site on your local desktop, 
we recommend that you check this box. If you plan to collaborate with other authors, 
we recommend keeping this box unchecked. 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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