Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 114 
Specify whether you want to publish only pages that have changed or all pages. 
Click on "Publish." 
Can I use the FTP feature in FrontPage to publish to my web site? 
We do not recommend using FTP in combination with FrontPage. Using FTP within FrontPage 
to make any changes, such as deleting, renaming, or transferring files, may irreparably 
damage the FrontPage server extensions, which are essential to the successful publishing of 
your site.  
What is a subweb? 
A subweb is a subdirectory of a web site created with FrontPage that behaves just like a 
complete web site   essentially a web site within a web site. Like your top level web site 
(your root web or root directory), subwebs can contain any number of subdirectories, and 
even contain additional subwebs. You can assign each subweb a different set of authors and 
permissions, independent of your root web. With subwebs you can grant others the ability to 
access, edit, and publish to your site while protecting your root directory and your root web 
user name and password. 
For example, you might create a subweb at your domain for posting information relevant only 
to your employees. When you set permissions for this subweb, you could limit access to 
employees only (keeping it from the eyes of the public) and give managers a user name and 
password with which they can edit and republish the pages. 
How do I create subwebs with FrontPage? 
With FrontPage, you can turn directories in your site into subwebs, which means you can 
assign others the ability to access those directories  files and publish to them. This protects 
your own user name and password and your root directory and also makes it convenient for 
others to author web pages for you. 
When you activate FrontPage, you ll create a default author who can modify only to the root 
web (or "top level site," in FrontPage 2003), the highest level directory of your site. To allow 
publishing in subdirectories, you must activate subwebs. 
When you activate a subweb, you enable FrontPage publishing in a subdirectory of your site, 
installing essential extensions just like you did when you activated FrontPage publishing the 
first time.  
To create a new subweb: 
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