Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 117 
In step 2, click the checkbox next to each subweb to which you d like to grant this 
author publishing privileges (you must assign the new author to at least one subweb). 
Choose "Add Another" to add this author and reset the module so you can add another 
author; or click the "Add Author" button to add only this author. 
The new author(s) will appear in the list of assigned authors in the FrontPage console, as well 
as in the user account list in your Password Manager. 
How do I manage authors? 
You can manage your authors from the Manage Site or Manage Authors areas of the Web 
Hosting Control Panel s FrontPage console after you have activated FrontPage publishing for 
your site. To open the FrontPage console, visit the Create & Update tab of your Web Hosting 
Control Panel and click the "FrontPage" link. 
Here you can assign and unassign FrontPage publishing privileges for an author in your root 
web or subwebs. If you d like to review and manage all authors granted access to a particular 
subweb, Click the "Manage Site" link. To modify publishing privileges by author, begin in the 
Manage Authors area.  
You can use the FrontPage console to add an author anytime. When you activate FrontPage, 
you ll assign default FrontPage publishing privileges to an existing author or new author. After 
you activate FrontPage, you can add an author to your account anytime from the FrontPage 
console s Manage Authors area. From the same console you can also delete unwanted 
Because your list of available authors is synchronized with the list of users in your Password 
Manager, you can also add an author by adding to your master list of user accounts in the 
Password Manager, then use the FrontPage console to assign publishing privileges to that 
user anytime. 
To learn more about using FrontPage with Yahoo! Web Hosting, including troubleshooting, 
please see our online help center at 
For detailed FrontPage support and troubleshooting, please contact Microsoft directly at 
, as issues you encounter may be related to known bugs 
in the software. For further assistance, search the Microsoft Knowledge Base at 
Using Macromedia Dreamweaver 
What is Macromedia Dreamweaver? 
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