Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 119 
From the Site menu, choose Manage Sites.  
Select a local site you have already defined (see instructions above) and click "Edit." 
If you don t see the Advanced settings, choose "Advanced."  
In the left column, click "Remote Info." 
From the "Access" menu, select "FTP."  
Here you ll need to enter your FTP settings. You can find your FTP settings on the 
Create & Update and Manage tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel, in the Web 
Hosting Account Details module under "FTP Account Info." 
Note: Be sure to select the "Use Passive FTP" checkbox. Passive FTP enables your local 
software to set up an FTP connection rather than asking the remote server to set it up 
(this option is blocked by Yahoo! for your protection). 
Click "OK." 
(See Macromedia s help center at 
more information about defining a site.) 
When you re ready to transfer your web site files to Yahoo!, visit Dreamweaver s Site panel or 
Site window, choose "Connect," then click "Put" to upload your selected files and folders.  
When the transfer is complete, your files and folders will be available in your File Manager.  
For additional help with Dreamweaver, please consult our online help center at 
, your software s help 
documentation, or Macromedia s online support center at 
Using Adobe GoLive 
What is Adobe GoLive? 
Adobe GoLive is an advanced site building and management tool perfect for those with 
experience using Adobe visual design products such as Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator. 
GoLive is ideal for professional web designers and anyone familiar with other Adobe products 
(GoLive can easily integrate with tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop). 
We suggest that you use the site building tool with which you re most comfortable. If you ve 
used GoLive before, or you re ready to take advantage of its advanced features, we ll make it 
easy for you to use it with your Web Hosting plan.  
Please note that GoLive and other third party software must be purchased separately from 
Yahoo! Web Hosting. To purchase your own copy of GoLive, visit Yahoo! Shopping at 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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