Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 120 
How can I publish to my Web Hosting site with GoLive? 
To publish your site with GoLive, you ll need to set up an FTP connection to the Yahoo! 
servers. Important: Before you set up FTP access, make sure that you have TCP/IP 
networking set up properly on your computer. Consult your computer s help files for details. 
To set up a connection to the Yahoo! FTP server:  
From the "Edit" menu, choose "Servers." You can also display the "Available Servers" 
dialog box by choosing "Edit Server" from the "Server" menu in Site Settings, the FTP 
browser dialog box, or the WebDAV Browser dialog box.  
Click the "New" button in the Available Servers dialog box.  
Type a name for this connection in the "Nickname" text box (yahoo, for example). This 
will help you avoid confusion if you add more servers to the "Available Servers" list.  
Here you ll need to enter your FTP settings. You can find your FTP settings on the 
Create & Update and Manage tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel, in the Web 
Hosting Account Details module under "FTP Account Info."   
Enter your host (such as ftp.widgetdesigns.com) in the "Server" text box. The 
address must start with "ftp://" for FTP servers and "http://" for WebDAV servers.  
Leave the "Directory" box empty.  
Enter your user ID in the "User Name" field.  
Select "Save" and enter your Yahoo! password in the "Password" text box.  
Click "Advanced" and complete the following:  
Select "Use Passive Mode." Passive FTP enables your local software to set up an 
FTP connection rather than asking the remote server to set it up (this option is 
blocked by Yahoo! for your protection).  
Select "Keep Connections Alive" to prevent timeouts due to inactivity.  
For Mac OS only: Keep the "Use ISO 8859 1 Translation" option selected to use the 
Latin 1 character encoding set, which encompasses the majority of Western 
European languages.  
Select "Resolve Links" to compare your local files with those on your FTP server.  
Click "OK" to save your settings.  
To set up a connection to an FTP using the "Site Settings" dialog box:  
Open a site.  
Do one of the following:  
Click the "Site Settings" button on the toolbar and select "FTP & WebDAV Server."  
From the "Site" menu, choose "Settings," then "FTP & WebDAV Server."  
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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