Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 121 
Choose a server from the appropriate "Server" menu.  
Click "OK." The server you have set up will become the current server for the site, and 
the server you connect to when you use the FTP browser. 
Note: If no server is available in the "Server" menu or you cannot find the one you set up, 
choose "Edit Server" and follow the instructions above to set up a connection to the Yahoo! 
FTP server. 
When you re ready to transfer your web site files to Yahoo!, go to the "Site" menu, select 
"FTP Server," make sure your server is checked, then click "Connect" to upload your selected 
files and folders.  
When the transfer is complete, your files and folders will be available in your File Manager.  
For additional help publishing with GoLive, please consult our online help center at 
, your software s help documentation, or 
Adobe s online support center at 
Blogging Tools 
About Blogging 
A personal diary, a news delivery system, a photo travelogue   a blog can play any (or all!) 
of these roles. Short for web log, a blog is basically an online journal featuring frequently 
updated, chronological entries (or posts). Anyone can put together a personal or professional 
Blog writers (often called bloggers) may create their blogs for personal or professional use, 
covering anything from their personal thoughts to a recent vacation, politics to business 
developments. A blog can include words, photos, or both, as well as a unique title, and each 
post features the date and time it was published. Many blogs also provide a means for 
readers to post comments about each entry and include archived posts and lists of links to 
other web sites of interest. 
Yahoo! offers tools for both beginning and experienced bloggers.  
Beginners should turn first to Yahoo! 360 , a Yahoo! communication system that makes it 
easy to connect with friends and family. You can easily create a simple blog with 360 , then 
link to your 360  blog from your web site. 
The Yahoo! 360  blog tools will soon be added to your Web Hosting Control Panel, allowing 
you to easily integrate your blog into your own site. In the meantime, learn more about 
Yahoo! 360  tools in our online help center at 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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