Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 123 
In step 2, you can decide if you want your blog to be your web site 
home page
. To 
make your blog your home page, click the corresponding checkbox. If you d prefer not 
to make your blog your home page, leave the checkbox unselected.  
Important: If you have already created a home page for your site, please be aware 
that if you select this option, your blog will replace your current home page. If you d 
like to preserve your current home page, or link from your home page to your blog, 
you should not select this option. 
Select the standard or custom activation path. Recommended for most users, the 
standard path speeds the activation process by preselecting the most popular 
 and saving your WordPress blog files in a default directory. If you d 
rather choose your initial blog settings and blog directory yourself, choose the custom 
path. Don t worry too much about which path you choose   you ll be able to 
your blog settings
Click the "Next" button to continue. 
If you chose the standard path, you can 
skip ahead
. If you chose the custom path, 
you ll be able to choose an installation location for your WordPress files now.  
Click the radio button that corresponds with the directory into which you d like to save 
your WordPress files. You ll be able to choose from three options.  
default folder (recommended): Your files will be saved in a designated WordPress 
folder we name and create for you. 
new folder: Your files will be saved in a new folder you name yourself. (Be sure to 
enter a name for this new directory in the field provided.)  
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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