Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 129 
agree to the Movable Type terms of service and the terms of the GNU General Public 
License" checkbox. 
Choose "Activate" to activate your Movable Type blog. 
You ll arrive on the "Congratulations" page, which includes your blog s web address, a 
list of your initial blog settings, and helpful links you can use to begin working with 
your blog. 
For more on activating and working with Movable Type, please visit our online help center at 
Common Questions 
Can I start my blog when my domain is pending? 
If you just signed up for your plan, your domain may still be pending. Pending means that 
your domain is not yet active across the Internet (if you are registering a new domain name) 
or that changes to your name server settings have not yet taken effect (if you are using a 
domain name you registered elsewhere). The pending state occurs for all domain registrations 
and changes.  
While your domain is pending, you will not be able to use our tools to publish your blog at 
your domain. However, we have provided a temporary web address that will allow you to set 
up and preview your blog while you re waiting. You ll find the temporary web address of your 
site on the Home tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel. If you install a blog in a subdirectory 
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