Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 130 
of your site, your temporary web address will look something like this: 
If you install your blog software while your domain is pending, we ll display the temporary 
web address when installation is complete. We ll also redirect the management links in your 
Blog Manager to your temporary blog address so you can begin setting up your blog. As soon 
as your domain is active, we ll change these links so they no longer reference your temporary 
address; you ll also be able to publish, manage, and view your blog at your own domain. 
Important note: If you are using a domain you registered prior to signing up for your plan, 
and your domain is still pending after 72 hours, you may need to check with your registrar to 
make sure you are using the correct DNS information.  
Movable Type users: 
When your domain becomes active, you ll need to refresh the database that stores your blog 
information (including your domain name and permalinks) by rebuilding your blog. Rebuilding 
will ensure that your blog control panel and published blog reference your active domain 
name, rather than the temporary blog address we set up for you when your domain was 
You ll find that you need to rebuild your blog occasionally, such as when you change certain 
blog settings. To rebuild your blog anytime: 
Sign in to your Web Hosting Control Panel. 
Visit the Manage tab. 
In the first module, click the "Blog Manager" link. 
On the following page, locate the module that corresponds with the blog you d like to 
Click the "Visit blog control panel" link to access your blog control panel. You ll be 
asked to sign in if you haven t already. 
Select the title of the blog you want to rebuild. 
Click the "Rebuild Site" link, located at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left 
side of the page. A rebuild pop up window will open. 
Choose "Rebuild All Files" from the pull down menu provided, then click "Rebuild" to 
begin the rebuilding process. 
How do I manage my blog? 
After you ve activated a WordPress or Movable Type blog, you ll manage and update your 
pages from your blog control panel. From these administration pages you can add new posts 
to your blog, manage links and archives, edit your plug ins, and more. 
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