Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 131 
We ve made it easy to access your blog management tools from your Web Hosting Control 
Panel. Your Blog Manager contains links to often used pages in your blog control panel. To 
reach your Blog Manager: 
   1. Sign in to your Web Hosting Control Panel. 
   2. Visit the Manage tab. 
   3. In the first module, click the "Blog Manager" link. 
   4. On the following page, locate the module that corresponds with the blog you d like to 
manage. Here you ll find links you can use to manage and update your blog. 
WordPress Control Panel 
We recommend taking advantage of the convenience of Blog Manager to manage your blog, 
but you can also sign in directly to your WordPress control panel directly anytime. To reach 
your control panel, just enter http://widgetdesigns.com/wp admin/ in your web browser, 
replacing widgetdesigns.com with the path to your WordPress blog, minus the www. If your 
WordPress blog is located at http://www.widgetdesigns.com/myblog/, for example, you d 
manage your blog at http://widgetdesigns.com/myblog/wp admin/. 
Your WordPress control panel
To learn more about your blog control panel, please visit the WordPress Codex, where you ll 
find detailed instructions and information about all of your WordPress administrative features: 
Movable Type Control Panel 
We recommend taking advantage of the convenience of Blog Manager to access your blog 
control panel, but you can also sign in to your Movable Type control panel directly anytime. 
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