Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 133 
Yes, you can create as many blogs as you like, so long as you do not exceed your data 
transfer or disk space limits. 
If you d like to create more than one blog, we strongly recommend that you install each set of 
files in a different directory of your site. And if you have already installed a blog on your site 
and made the blog your home page, take care when creating additional blogs to choose 
carefully whether you d like to make a new blog your home page. If you elect to make your 
blog your home page, your blog will replace your current home page, whether that home 
page is a blog or another page you created. 
Uploading Your Files 
About FTP 
FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a standard method of transferring files over the Internet from 
one computer to another. FTP is a convenient, easy way to build your web site: You can use 
FTP to upload files (images or HTML files, for example) directly from your computer to your 
web site folder and, with the help of 
Password Manager, even grant permission 
for others to FTP files to your site or a 
specific directory.  
You can use an FTP program such as 
Fetch or the FTP functionality built into 
your third party site building tool to 
upload many files or even an entire site to 
your Yahoo! web site at once. You ll find 
FTP configuration information on the 
Create & Update and Manage tabs of your 
Web Hosting Control Panel.  
About Easy Upload  
If you are uploading only a few files, you could also use Yahoo! Web Hosting s Easy Upload 
application, accessible from both your Web Hosting Control Panel and the File Manager 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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