Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 136 
To save an HTML file:  
View the page you wish to save to your computer.  
Select "Save As" from your browser s "File" menu.  
Choose a location to save your file.  
Click "Save."  
To download an image, right click on the image and choose "Save Image As" or "Save Picture 
As" (depending on your browser). Save your image in the same location as your web site 
files. If you are using subdirectories, you may want to create a new subfolder to store these 
image files.  
Once you have saved your files to your computer, you re ready to upload them to your File 
Note: If you re transferring files to another Web Hosting plan you own, make sure you upload 
your files to the correct File Manager. You can check the topmost blue bar of the File Manager 
to make sure you re in the right place. 
What are some publishing tools that use FTP?  
Many HTML publishing tools use FTP. Some commonly available Windows and Macintosh 
programs that work with the FTP service are listed below. 
Windows Publishing Tools:  
Netscape Composer (part of the Netscape Communicator 4.0 package)  
FrontPage 2.0 (part of the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 package)  
Macromedia Dreamweaver  
Microsoft FrontPage 98 (Be sure to put a leading slash ("/") on all file paths. Also, 
FrontPage 98 creates subdirectories, which allow you to organize your web site more 
Microsoft FrontPage 2000  
Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard (Be sure to put a leading slash ("/") on all file paths.)  
Adobe GoLive  
Adobe PageMill 3.0  
NetObjects Fusion (PC)  
Macintosh Publishing Tools:  
Netscape Composer (part of Netscape Communicator 4.0 package)  
Microsoft FrontPage 1.0  
Adobe PageMill 3.0  
Adobe GoLive  
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