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How do I use Easy Upload to upload files from my computer to File Manager?  
To upload files to your File Manager with Easy Upload:  
Open Easy Upload by clicking the "Easy Upload" link on the Create & Update or Index 
tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel. (You can also access Easy Upload by clicking 
the "File Manager" link on the Create & Update, Manage, or Index tabs of your Web 
Hosting Control Panel, then selecting the "Upload Files" link in the upper right corner 
of the File Manager.) 
Click the first "Browse..." button to locate a file on your computer s hard drive. (Use 
the "Choose file" dialog to browse for and select a file.) 
Repeat step 2 for each file you d like to upload. If you want to upload more than five 
files, change the value of the "Number of Files to Upload:" menu and click the 
corresponding "Display" button. The total size of the files may not exceed 5MB. 
If you d like Easy Upload to automatically convert all of your file names into lowercase 
(recommended), select the corresponding checkbox near the bottom of the page. 
If you d like Easy Upload to convert all instances of the .htm extension in your files to 
.html, select that corresponding checkbox. 
When you re ready to upload your files, choose the "Upload Files" button. 
On the following page, you should see a confirmation that your file(s) have been uploaded 
Note: Before uploading your files, make sure your file names do not contain any special 
characters, symbols, or spaces. Including these elements in your file names can cause your 
upload to fail. 
To learn more about uploading your files, please see the FTP area of our online help center at 
 or read more about Easy Upload at 
Managing and Monitoring Your Site 
Get Organized with File Manager 
The File Manager is a web based tool accessible to all Web Hosting users that allows you to 
see all of the files in your web site (your pages, documents, images, and so on) and to create, 
edit, copy, rename, and delete HTML and other files. As soon as you have created a file with a 
Yahoo! site building tool or uploaded files with FrontPage, FTP, or Easy Upload, you can begin 
using File Manager to keep your items organized.  
Use File Manager to: 
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