Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 138 
Group related files into subdirectories.  
Quickly view or edit files.  
Track when you last modified files. 
In your File Manager you can also access all available Yahoo! editors, set password protection, 
upload files using Easy Upload or FTP, locate disk space usage information, and more. 
You can access your File Manager by clicking the "File Manager" link on the Create & Update, 
Manage, or Index tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel. 
Protect Your Site with Snapshot Backups 
Snapshot Backups provide a convenient, automatic way to save copies of your web site files 
without using valuable disk space. When you create your site, you automatically activate 
Snapshot Backups, which stores a copy, or takes a "snapshot," of your web site files every 
four hours, nightly, and weekly, recording changes to your files. These snapshots are saved 
and dated for you to use in the event that any of your files are accidentally deleted or 
changed. Snapshot Backups also provide an easy way to review changes to your site, which 
can be useful is more than one user updates your pages.  
If you ever accidentally overwrite or delete any of your web site files, you may be able to 
restore them using Snapshot Backups. To restore a file, select the "Snapshot Backups" link 
from the Manage or Index tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel and follow the instructions 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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