Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 140 
Learn More with Access Logs 
Like Site Statistics, your access logs this information will give you some idea of which of your 
pages are being viewed the most and help you determine how to drive more traffic to other 
pages of your web site.  
Access logs record all network requests made to your web site, such as when a web user 
connects to your web site by opening a page. These logs can be very useful if you are trying 
to collect statistical data regarding traffic on your web site, establish who your visitors are 
and where they came from, or learn which web browser was most used to view your site. You 
can specify the number of days logs are kept before they are deleted.  
To set up your logs, click the "Access Logs" link in the Site Activity module of your Web 
Hosting Control Panel and follow the access logs setup instructions. 
Monitor Disk Space and Data Transfer 
The text, images, sound and video files, and other elements that make up your web site 
occupy storage space on a Yahoo! server. Each Web Hosting plan includes a certain amount of 
storage room, or disk space, measured in megabytes.  
Data transfer, or bandwidth, is the total amount of information downloaded from your web 
site. Whenever a visitor comes to your site, our web servers send data to your visitor s 
computer. This data may include web pages, images, videos, sound files, software programs, 
or compressed files   anything on your site that can be viewed or downloaded. The more 
visitors you have, and the more complex your web site, the higher data transfer limit you ll 
We understand that even with the generous disk space, data transfer, and email address 
allotments in your plan, every site needs room to grow, so we make it possible to add extras 
to your plan anytime. The Site Status module on the Home and Manage tabs of your Web 
Hosting Control Panel help you keep an eye on your disk space and data transfer by 
displaying your current usage. You can use the "Buy more disk space" or "Buy more data 
transfer" links beneath each display to quickly add extra allotments to your plan.  
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