Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 141 
What can I do with additional disk space? 
Extra disk space will allow you to upload more files to your account, enabling you to build a 
bigger site, and to include larger files such as images, audio files, videos, and other 
multimedia files.  
If you find that you need to add a lot of extra disk space to accommodate your growing site, 
it may be time to upgrade to a new plan. You can learn more about our Web Hosting and 
Merchant Solutions plans on the Yahoo! Small Business home page at 
Do I have to keep adding extra space to my account every month? 
No. Once you add extra disk space, you ll retain that amount of space each month until you 
cancel it. 
I no longer need extra disk space. How do I cancel? 
To cancel your extra disk space:  
Sign in to Yahoo!, then visit your Web Hosting Control Panel at 
On the Home or Manage tab, in the Site Status module, click the "Buy more disk 
space" link.  
On the following page, you ll be able to select the amount of disk space you want. To 
cancel extra disk space, select the first option, which is the amount of disk space 
included with your plan.  
Please note that when you remove your extra disk space, you will be required to remove as 
many files as needed to avoid exceeding the new limits of your plan. 
Once your current billing cycle has ended, you will no longer be charged for the additional 
disk space. 
How is data transfer measured? 
Data transfer is measured in bytes, the unit most computers use to represent a character 
such as a letter, number, or typographic symbol (such as y, 6, or ?). Even characters you do 
not see, such as blank spaces and characters that make up HTML tags (), are stored in </font></pre></span>
<span name = "INTRA" style='top:1088px; left:158px' class="ft2"><pre><font face='Arial'>a computer as bytes. </font></pre></span>
<span name = "INTRA" style='top:1137px; left:158px' class="ft2"><pre><font face='Arial'>To make it easier to talk about large numbers of bytes, we use variations of the word byte.  </font></pre></span>
<span name = "INTRA" style='top:1272px; left:354px' class="ft0"><pre><font face='Arial'>Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. </font></pre></span>
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