Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 145 
Advanced Scripting 
All Web Hosting and Merchant Solutions plans support the use of PHP and Perl, popular 
scripting languages that experienced users can combine with HTML to create dynamic web 
pages and sophisticated web applications. These scripting tools can be used to read and write 
to the popular open source database MySQL, allowing you greater flexibility and the ability to 
create a more complex web site. Certain advanced features accessible from your Web Hosting 
Control Panel, such as WordPress, Movable Type, and the advanced add ons, also rely on 
these scripting tools.   
You ll find your PHP, Perl, and MySQL editors and features on the Create & Update and Index 
tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel. 
For more information about Perl, PHP, and MySQL, please visit the Coding and Scripting Tools 
section of our online help center at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/webhosting/codetools/ or 
any of the following third party web sites: http://www.perl.com, http://www.php.net, or 
Password Protection  
Your Password Manager gives you the ability to control who can view your site or various 
areas within your site. You can use this tool to create user accounts that can then be assigned 
access privileges on your site. 
You might use the Password Manager if, for instance, you want to create a special area of 
your site for your family. This area might contain family photos or other information that you 
want only your family to see. You can use Password Manager to create one or more user 
accounts for your family (each account includes a user name and password). After you create 
these accounts, place your photos and web pages in a single folder, or subdirectory, of your 
site and use File Manager to password protect the folder, limiting access to only the user 
accounts you created for your family.  
A user account is a combination of user name and password that you will need to set up 
password protection for your site or site folders. To set up a user account: 
   1. On the Manage tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel, click the "Password Manager" 
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