Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 149 
Chapter 9: Promote Your Site 
When you ve finished building and publishing your web site, you ll be ready for visitors. 
Depending on the kind of site you created and the contents of your pages, web users may 
stumble upon your site, but after all that hard work, you ll want to ensure that your target 
audience finds you. This guide will help you get started. 
For background information and key concepts, please review "Before You Begin Promoting 
Your Site" online at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/webhosting/promote/promote 01.html. 
1. Choose Your Web Address Wisely   or Register New Ones 
To most effectively market your site, you ll want a web address that s relevant to your site. 
Choose an address that includes your business name or describes yourself or your 
organization. Be creative! With the growth of the Web, it s often difficult to register the exact 
name you want; the key is to choose a name that will make sense to your site visitors and 
anyone (including search engines) looking for your site. Finally, be sure to choose a name 
that s relatively short and easy to spell and remember. If potential customers can t remember 
your domain name, they ll have a hard time visiting or returning to your site.  
You chose a customized domain name when you signed up for your plan. Have your web site 
needs changed? If you find that your web address doesn t suit your site or seems too difficult 
to remember, don t worry: You cannot change your current domain name without canceling 
your service, but you can register another web address anytime. 
If you ve already built your web site but want to use it with a new domain name, we suggest 
this simple solution: Sign up for a Yahoo! Domains plan, then set up domain forwarding. 
When your friends and colleagues visit your new web address, they ll simply be redirected to 
your current web site. (Hint: When you set up domain forwarding, select the "forwarding to a 
Yahoo! hosted site" option, and your visitors will never even see your original web address.) 
You can register as many domain names as you like and forward them all to your current web 
site. You may want to consider registering variants of your domain name to make sure your 
visitors find you: For example, you could register not only mybusiness.com but also 
mybusiness.org and mybusiness.net; or purchase thecompanyname.com as well as 
(Please note that you may also purchase as many Web Hosting plans as you like. With this 
option, you can manage multiple, distinct web sites with different domain names from the 
same control panel.) 
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