Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 150 
2. Set Up Your Email 
Setting up your email service and creating useful email addresses that match your domain 
(such as info@widgetdesigns.com or feedback@widgetdesigns.com) is the next step to 
solidifying your brand and can play an important role in your overall marketing strategy. Add 
a signature to all of your emails that includes your web address, and keep in touch with your 
audience by sending weekly or monthly updates about your company, upcoming event, or 
organization. Feel free to reuse content from your flyers or offline mailings   the point here is 
simply to remind your audience of your presence and encourage them to return to your site. 
When you ve set up your email and become familiar with its features, be sure to look into 
Yahoo! promotion tools such as Got Campaigner , which can help you manage your email 
campaigns and subscription lists. You ll find a list of this and other promotion tools on the 
Promote tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel. 
3. Organize Your Site, and Say Something! 
A well organized, professional looking web site will attract visitors, encourage them to stay 
longer, and prompt them to refer their friends. Plan your web site carefully so potential 
visitors can find the information they need, embellish it with interactive add ons like email 
forms or a guestbook to keep them interested, and give them a reason to come back! Your 
site visitors will be more likely to return when there s something new to see, so update your 
content often to keep your site fresh. Add articles, customer testimonials, personal 
recommendations, recipes, news items, reviews   anything relevant to your site that might 
interest your audience   and rotate the content on your home page regularly. 
An added bonus: Rich, organized content will not only appeal to your viewers but also often 
elevate your ranking in search engine results. 
To use Yahoo! add ons and create as many pages as you like, you ll need to use PageBuilder, 
SiteBuilder, or your own third party software to build your site.  
4. Add Keywords and Meta Tags 
Although most search engines have deemphasized their significance, meta tags and keywords 
still represent an integral part of search engines  ranking formulas. Don t artificially load your 
web pages with keywords to influence the search engines; instead think of a few descriptive 
terms appropriate for your site and make sure those words appear regularly in your meta 
tags and site content. Think about the search terms you would enter into a search engine to 
find your site and work those into your content. Do you sell cookies on your site? Cookies, 
baked goods, and shortbread might be good keywords for you. And don t forget to give each 
page of your site a concise, descriptive title. The title, which appears in the topmost bar of a 
browser as well as in bookmark lists, helps orient your site visitors and can positively 
influence your search engine rankings. 
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