Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 151 
To add meta tags to your web pages, you ll need to use PageBuilder, SiteBuilder, or your own 
third party software to build your site. To add meta tags to a PageBuilder page, choose Page 
Properties from the Format menu and enter a title and keywords. In SiteBuilder, you ll find 
the same tool in the Edit menu. If you need help adding meta tags when building your site 
with third party software, please consult the manufacturer s instructions. (You can also add 
meta tags manually to the  section of any pages you created with Yahoo! s Text or 
HTML Editors.) 
5. Create Links 
When determining your site s ranking in their results, many search engines consider not only 
keywords but also the number and quality of links on and to your web site. How does quality 
fit in? Content rich sites of a similar topic that link to your site enhance your site s appearance 
of authority (while, of course, providing a path to your site for potential visitors); links from 
your site to other high caliber web sites suggest that your site is a hub of information. The 
more of both kinds of links, the better. 
You can use PageBuilder, SiteBuilder, and third party tools to easily include links on your web 
pages. Like keywords, links should become a thoughtful, natural part of your site; creating 
pages of irrelevant links can actually harm your search engine status. Be sure to link to web 
sites that complement your own   though not, of course, to your competitors! 
How can you get other web sites to link to yours? Try asking! Find complementary, high 
quality web sites and send them email asking for a link exchange. You can link to each other, 
enhancing both of your sites  status in search engine results. 
6. Explore Yahoo! Web Hosting s Promotion Tools 
You ve carefully chosen a domain name and optimized your site with compelling content and 
relevant keywords. How else can you drive traffic to your web site? Head to the Promote tab 
of your Web Hosting Control Panel and learn about the many promotion tools Yahoo! offers. 
Here you can sign up for ad placement programs, take advantage of email marketing tools, 
list your site in a variety of Yahoo! directories, and more. Experiment with tools that seem 
appropriate for your site and see what works!  
7. Monitor Your Success 
You can promote your site using every online and offline tool imaginable, but how will you 
know your tactics are working? Keep a close eye on the reports generated by the Site 
Statistics tool, which can help you quantify the success of your site. Head to the Home tab of 
your Web Hosting Control Panel to review general information about your site activity, then 
click the "Site Statistics" link to dig deeper. On the Site Statistics page, you ll find an index of 
your site directories and pages; click the "Stats" link next to a web page name to review 
detailed information about that page s performance. 
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