Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 152 
What can you learn from your reports? Your Page 
Views report will show you how many times your 
web page was viewed, and by how many unique 
users. From your Referrer report, you can learn 
from which sites and search engines your visitors 
came. Your Visitor Profile report displays 
information about the technical capabilities and 
settings of your visitors  computers. 
By comparing your reports and following trends in your site activity, you can learn more 
about the effectiveness of your pages and marketing efforts. For example, you might check to 
see if a recent promotion or change to your site coincided with a spike   up or down   in 
your site traffic. Find out which of your actions led to the most positive results, then use that 
information as you plan future campaigns or redesigns. Similarly, look for trends in your 
Referrer report, such as a sudden rise in traffic from a particular web site or search engine; 
you can use this information to bring the same success to other pages. Data from your Visitor 
Profile report may inform your future design decisions. 
8. Market Offline 
Marketing your web site through search engines and emails is helpful, but don t forget about 
traditional tools like word of mouth referrals and offline advertisements. Tell your friends and 
colleagues about your web site and include your web address on your brochures, press 
releases, flyers, letterhead, product packaging, and business cards. Think about your target 
audience and tailor your marketing efforts to their needs. 
Next Steps 
The best tactic for attracting visitors to your site is to stay vigilant. Include your web address 
in all of your online, offline, and verbal communications, and keep at it! Creating a compelling 
web site and updating your content regularly will keep your visitors coming back   and make 
them more likely to refer their friends. The more attention you can give to your web site, the 
more successful it will be. 
Stay alert for new ideas and trends, and use Yahoo! s tools to enhance your web pages   
then review your site s performance. And don t forget to work on an offline marketing 
strategy! Take advantage of every tool at your disposal, and experiment to find out what 
Common Questions 
What s the difference between a search engine and a directory? 
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