Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 161 
Domain Address 
Store Address 
http://www.acme.com http://store.acme.com 
With a Merchant Solutions plan, you can redirect your domain traffic so that visitors to your 
domain name (www.widgetdesigns.com) will be automatically forwarded to your Store home 
page (store.widgetdesigns.com). For more information on the Domain Traffic Option, please 
see our online help center at 
http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/store/manage/sitesettings/sitesettings 27.html
How will I learn how to create, update, and manage my store? 
For help with Merchant Solutions, please see our comprehensive online help center at 
. Here you ll find detailed questions and answers, a 
getting started checklist, online tutorials, a publishing tools guide, and other resources to get 
your online business up and running.  
For step by step instructions on building your site, be sure to download our comprehensive 
Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Getting Started Guide, which includes detailed chapters on 
building item, section, and required store pages. You ll find a link to the Getting Started Guide 
at the top of the Store Help home page at 
What is the Store Manager page? 
The Store Manager page is where you will manage all of the back end processes that go on in 
your store. For example, you can process your orders, transfer your domain name, add 
another Yahoo! ID to your store, and a whole lot more. 
What is the difference between the Store Editor and the Store Manager? 
The Store Editor is where you will add new items to your store, make design decisions, and 
basically add to the "front end" of your store.  
The Store Manager is where you perform the "back end" functions for your store. In the 
manager you can set up where orders are emailed or faxed, configure the inventory for your 
store, process your orders, and test your ship rates.  
What is Catalog Manager?
Catalog Manager is a powerful tool that can help you manage your inventory of products more 
efficiently. Catalog Manager allows you to add and edit items, group similar items into item 
tables, upload items in bulk, and keep track of item quantities   all without altering your site 
layout or design. 
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