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How many items can I include in my Store catalog?
The Store Catalog Manager allows you to build a catalog of up to 50,000 items, which is the 
current Yahoo! Store limit. 
What are Store Tags? 
Yahoo! Store Tags are special tags you can add to your web pages to pull and display product 
data from your Catalog Manager. You can use Store Tags to display any of the information 
related to any item you ve added to Catalog Manager   including name, price, sale price, ship 
weight, and more. Store Tags can also be used to add "Order" buttons to your web pages. 
Use the Store Tag Wizard to generate the actual Store Tags for use on your site. Once you re 
comfortable with the syntax of Store Tags, you can even write them yourself. 
Whenever you use Catalog Manager to publish changes to your product information, Store 
Tags automatically update the item information on your live pages. 
The Store Tags for some item attributes   including image, icon, inset, price, and options   
can be customized to display those attributes in different ways. 
Do I need to know HTML to use Store Tags? 
No. The Store Tag Wizard can generate your Store Tags for you. All you need to do is copy 
the Store Tags and paste them into your existing web page in whatever editing tool you are 
Can I upload pages I build using another site building tool? 
Yes. With Merchant Solutions you can use Store Tags along with other web authoring 
software such as Yahoo! SiteBuilder, Dreamweaver, and FrontPage to build your store. 
Store Tags are HTML comments that you insert into your HTML web pages. The Store Tags 
look like standard HTML, but they aren t. When a Store Tag is written into your web page, the 
Yahoo! servers know to look at the Catalog Manager database for the field associated with the 
product ID and display the appropriate value or image on the web page. 
For more information about Catalog Manager, please see our online help center at 
 and review our online Catalog 
Manager tutorial at 
Learn more about Store Tags at 
 and in 
our online Store Tags tutorial at 
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