Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 164 
access logs 
Access logs record data about your site visitors: where they came from, which browser they use, their total number 
of visits to your site, and more. Your logs can help you understand your site traffic, learn from any changes or 
promotions you might have completed, and even troubleshoot problems with your web pages. 
In the context of Yahoo! Web Hosting, account generally refers to a combination of a user name and password that 
authorizes access to a set of features. An email account, for example, is a password protected repository for email 
that includes a mailbox and one or more unique email addresses. A user account is a user name/password 
combination that you will need to set up password protection for your site or site folders. 
add ons 
Add ons are elements that you can include on your web site to improve interaction with your visitors and make your 
site more informative and appealing. Easy to use add ons such as guestbooks, counters, and maps are available to 
all Web Hosting users. 
The administrator of a Business Mail service can create and edit email addresses; delete email addresses (excluding 
any email addresses the owner holds); and assign administrative privileges to other mailbox owners. Similarly, the 
administrator of a Web Hosting plan manages the web site(s) associated with that plan.  
advanced add ons 
Advanced add ons, like the basic add ons, are elements that you can place on your site to make it more informative 
and improve communication between you and your site visitors. Advanced add ons, however, take advantage of 
advanced scripting tools such as PHP and Perl to offer more complexity and interactivity in such features as an 
interactive calendar or online bulletin board. 
See Yahoo! Wizards.
author (FrontPage) 
An author of a FrontPage directory is a user who has been granted permission to publish files in that directory. When 
you use FrontPage to create and manage your web site, you can assign author privileges or grant other users of your 
web site permission to administer the site or view the content (browse).  
See data transfer. 
A blog, or web log, refers to a web site or page featuring frequently updated, chronological entries (or posts), such as 
an online journal or public diary. Blog writers (sometimes known as bloggers) may create their blogs for personal or 
professional use, covering anything from day to day life events or politics to favorite foods, travel highlights, or other 
special interests. Experienced Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions users can create a blog using the industry leading 
Movable Type or WordPress publishing tools, available in the Create & Update tab of the Web Hosting Control Panel. 
breadcrumb trail 
A breadcrumb trail is a series of links at the top of a web page that represents the current page s location in the web 
site structure. Click a link to go directly to the corresponding page. Clicking the root link of the breadcrumb trail (for 
example, "Manage") will bring you to the main page of the tab in which you are working. The rightmost page name or 
link of the breadcrumb trail indicates the page on which you are currently working.  
Business Mail 
Yahoo! Business Mail allows you to send and receive email messages using a mailbox and customized email address 
that matches your domain. This service provides you with the tools and flexibility you need to manage your email 
communications and project a professional image. Yahoo! Business Mail includes, among other features:  
custom email addresses based on your domain, or web address 
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