Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 165 
plentiful email storage 
the ability to access your mail through our web interface or your own email client, such as Outlook or Eudora 
a catch all mailbox 
mail forwarding 
spam and virus protection 
Yahoo! Business Mail is available to users with Web Hosting Standard and Web Hosting Professional plans, and to 
those who signed up for Web Hosting Starter after August 17, 2004, or upgraded to Business Mail. 
Web based calendars are a great way to share information and promote events or appearances. Yahoo! Web Hosting 
offers two calendar tools you can add to your site: Add a Public Yahoo! Calendar button to send visitors to the public 
version of your Yahoo! calendar so they can view your schedule; or take advantage of the power of PHP to create an 
interactive online calendar that allows your visitors to schedule appointments with you during times you make 
catch all mailbox 
A catch all mailbox is a Business Mail feature that allows you to receive email sent to your domain that might be 
misaddressed or misspelled (for example, bob@ instead of robert@widgetdesigns.com)   even mail sent to email 
addresses at your domain that don t exist   rather than having the email "bounced," or returned to the sender. 
click and build 
The simplest way to create a web page. A click and build interface allows you to choose a design and layout, add 
page elements, choose colors, save and publish, and more simply by clicking buttons in your site building tool with 
your mouse. You ll use a click and build interface when you create a starter web page or use one of the Yahoo! 
A cookie is a small amount of data that can be transmitted by a web server to your browser when you visit a web 
site. Web sites use cookies to "remember" details about you, such as your user name or site preferences, in order to 
personalize your experience on that web site. Site Statistics uses cookies to track unique page views.  
A counter is a program that you can set up to keep a tally of the number of people who have viewed that page. You 
can make your counter viewable by your site visitors or invisible, if you simply want to keep track of your page views. 
The Counter add on allows you to easily add a counter to your web page. 
cron job 
A cron job is a command available to Unix system users that makes possible the automated execution of a task at 
predefined time intervals. One might set up a cron job to create hourly backups of a database, for example, or to 
send daily emails. Yahoo! currently does not support the use of cron jobs, but we hope to offer this feature with your 
plan in the future. 
Custom Error Pages 
The Custom Error Pages feature allows you to personalize the page that appears when your site visitor encounters a 
problem while viewing your web site. You can use this tool to help eliminate your visitors  confusion by explaining 
how to remedy the issue. For example, when a visitor tries to view a page that you have deleted, he will typically 
encounter a generic "404 not found" error. With Custom Error Pages, you could replace this message with friendlier 
directions to a new page. Similarly, you might replace the basic "401 authorization required" error that occurs when a 
visitor enters incorrect sign in information on a password protected page with helpful instructions and contact 
data transfer (bandwidth) 
Data transfer, or bandwidth, is the total amount of information downloaded from your web site. Whenever a visitor 
comes to your site, our web servers send data to your visitor s computer. This data may include web pages, images, 
videos, sound files, software programs, or compressed files   anything on your site that can be viewed or 
downloaded. The more visitors you have, and the more complex your web site, the higher data transfer limit you ll 
need. You can always buy additional data transfer as your site grows. 
Directions is an add on available to all users that allows you display a Yahoo! Directions search box on your web site. 
When you set up Directions, you enter a destination address and create a directions box; your site visitors can enter 
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