Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 166 
their own addresses into the box and click a button to generate directions to the address you specified. You can use 
Directions to provide a personalized way for your visitors to locate your business or other destination. 
A directory is a collection of files and other directories (or subdirectories) often called a folder. You ll find elements on 
your computer gathered into folders with such names as "My Documents" or "My Computer," each of which can 
contain many subdirectories, or subfolders. As you build your web site, you will create directories containing your 
web site files; you can view, create, and delete these directories in the File Manager. You ll recognize directories there 
(and on your PC) by their corresponding folder shaped icons. 
disk space 
The text, images, sound and video files, and other elements that make up your web site occupy storage space on a 
Yahoo! server. Each Web Hosting plan includes a certain amount of storage room, or disk space, measured in 
megabytes. You can check your disk space usage on the Home and Manage tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel. 
You can always buy additional disk space as your site grows. 
domain name (web address) 
A domain name is also called a web address, and like a memorable street address, it can help people find you online. 
You might base your domain name on your own name, the name of your company, keywords that describe your 
business, even a short phrase   anything that will make your web address easy to remember. When you sign up for 
Yahoo! Web Hosting, you can select a new domain name or choose to use one you already own with your Web 
Hosting account. Once your domain has been activated, you can build a public web site at your own web address 
(such as http://www.widgetdesigns.com), create a personalized email address (such as me@widgetdesigns.com)   
even develop subdomains (such as http://photos.widgetdesigns.com or http://music.widgetdesigns.com). 
drag and drop 
Drag and drop is an editing feature that allows you to move an object or other element on your screen by simply 
clicking on it with your mouse, moving your mouse to the new desired location ("dragging"), and letting go of the 
mouse button ("drop"). Both Yahoo! PageBuilder and Yahoo! SiteBuilder support this intuitive method of page editing. 
Macromedia Dreamweaver is a site building and publishing tool appropriate for intermediate to advanced users that 
allows you to create and edit web pages and applications using a graphical interface and built in advanced design and 
coding features. Yahoo! makes it easy to use Dreamweaver with your Web Hosting account. (Please note that 
Dreamweaver and other third party software must be purchased separately from Yahoo! Web Hosting.)  
Email, or electronic mail, refers to a message or messages sent from one computer to another over a network (email 
also signifies the process of transmitting these messages). When you choose a Yahoo! ID and password, you gain 
access to Yahoo! s free email service. With a Yahoo! Web Hosting plan, you can take advantage of Yahoo! Business 
Mail or Personal Address, both of which allow you to create personalized email addresses based on your own web 
address, among other features.  
email account 
An email account is, technically, a password protected repository for email where a user can receive, access, and 
store mail; in other words, it s the means through which you can engage in and manage your email correspondence. 
An email account includes one mailbox and one or more unique email addresses. A Business Mail plan allows you to 
create more than 2,000 individual email accounts, each with a mailbox storage capacity of 2GB and a unique email 
address that matches your domain, or web address. Personal Address plans include 10 email addresses, each of 
which is associated with a free Yahoo! email account.  
email address 
An email address is a unique address (such as you@widgetdesigns.com) used to receive and send email to a 
particular destination. An email address may correspond to a mailbox, where you store and retrieve your messages, 
or (for Business Mail users only) a mail forward, which acts as an extra address for a mailbox.  
Email Control Panel 
The Email Control Panel is the central administrative console of the Yahoo! Business Mail service. From the Email 
Control Panel, the owner and administrators of the service can edit their default mailbox, add more mailboxes or mail 
forwards, set up POP access, and more.  
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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