Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 167 
Email Forms 
One of Yahoo! Web Hosting s suite of add ons, Email Forms are simple, customizable documents that you can add to 
your web pages to solicit feedback or other information from your site visitors. With Email Forms, you can easily set 
up a contact form, survey, questionnaire, or comments form and receive your visitors  responses via email. 
email marketing 
Email marketing is direct marketing through targeted emails, and can be an effective way to sell your products or 
services to potential customers. As a Yahoo! Web Hosting customer, you can save on email marketing tools from Got 
Campaigner , which allow you to create basic or advanced campaigns in HTML or text, send them to a targeted 
permission based list, and view online reports to measure your campaign s success. 
Email Setup Wizard 
The Email Setup Wizard is a convenient tool available to Web Hosting users whose plans include Business Mail (Web 
Hosting Starter users with Personal Address do not have access to this wizard). A perfect introductory tool for new 
users, the Email Setup Wizard takes you step by step through three of the most frequently used elements of the 
Business Mail service: editing your default mailbox, creating new email addresses, and setting up a catch all mailbox. 
See server extension. 
File Manager 
The File Manager is a web based tool accessible to all Web Hosting users that allows you to see all of the files in your 
web site (your pages, documents, images, and so on) and to create, edit, copy, rename, and delete HTML and other 
files. In your File Manager you can access all available Yahoo! editors, set password protection, upload files using 
Easy Upload or FTP, locate disk space usage information, and more. 
A folder is a container, generally represented by an image of a file folder, that holds documents, programs, and other 
files. You ll find folders on your computer s desktop, with names such as My Computer or My Documents, and y ou 
can create folders and subfolders (folders within folders) to organize the files in your online File Manager and certain 
other applications. See directory. 
Microsoft FrontPage is a site building and management tool appropriate for intermediate to advanced users that 
allows you to create and edit web pages using a graphical interface that will be familiar to users of Microsoft Office 
products. Yahoo! supports FrontPage 2002 extensions and makes it easy to use FrontPage with your Web Hosting 
account. (Please note that FrontPage and other third party software must be purchased separately from Yahoo! Web 
FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a standard method of transferring files over 
the Internet from one computer to another. FTP is a convenient, easy way to 
build your web site: You can use FTP to upload files (images or HTML files, for 
example) directly from your computer to your web site folder and, with the 
help of Password Manager, even grant permission for others to FTP files to 
your site or a specific directory.  
Gallery 2 
Based on PHP and relying on MySQL, Gallery 2 is a powerful advanced add on 
that can help you easily organize and display photos and other images in a 
gallery style format on your web site. Use Gallery 2 to set up permission 
based administration and photo editing, create album themes and slideshows, 
and more. 
A gigabyte equals about 1,000 megabytes (actually, 1,024MB), and approximately 1,000,000 bytes. A byte is the 
smallest unit of data measurement in computers. The following conversions will give you an idea of how big a 
gigabyte is: 
1,000 bytes (B) = 1 kilobyte (KB) 
1,000 kilobytes (KB) = 1 megabyte (MB) 
1,000 megabytes (MB) = 1 gigabyte (GB) 
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