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JustGive.org Buttons 
JustGive.org Buttons is an add on available to all users that allows you display a button on your site that your visitors 
can use to make donations to charity. JustGive.org is a nonprofit service whose mission is to connect people with the 
charities and causes they care about and to increase overall giving. The organization passes 100 percent of donations 
directly to the charities or nonprofit groups selected. When your site visitors click the JustGive.org button on your 
page, they ll arrive on a JustGive.org page that will guide them through the donation process. 
A mailbox is the repository into which email associated with one or more email addresses is sent   essentially a 
private, virtual inbox that receives and stores email until you delete it. Each mailbox must have a unique email 
address, but (for Business Mail users only) it can also receive and store mail sent via a mail forward, or alias, which 
acts as an extra address for that mailbox.  
mail forward (alias) 
A mail forward, or alias, is an extra email address for a mailbox. A mail forward does not have its own password or 
mailbox; rather, a mail forward redirects (forwards) mail to a specified mailbox. The mail forward feature is included 
in the Yahoo! Business Mail service.  
Maps is an add on available to all users that allows you display a Yahoo! map on your web site. When you set up 
Maps, you enter a destination address and create a "Show Map" button; your site visitors can click this button to 
locate the address you specified on a map. You can use Maps to provide a personalized way for your visitors to locate 
your business or other destination.  
A megabyte equals about 1,000 kilobytes (actually, 1,024KB), and approximately 1,000,000 bytes. A byte is the 
smallest unit of data measurement in computers. The following conversions will give you an idea of how big a 
megabyte is: 
1,000 bytes (B) = 1 kilobyte (KB) 
1,000 kilobytes (KB) = 1 megabyte (MB) 
1,000 megabytes (MB) = 1 gigabyte (GB) 
Yahoo! Web Hosting measures disk space and data transfer in megabytes. 
meta tags 
Meta tags are little bits of HTML code that provide information about a page but are not viewable by the user in a 
browser. Most search engines examine a page s meta tags, which usually include a page title, description, and 
keywords, to index the page and help determine its ranking in relevant search results. Although not the only way to 
elevate your site s search engine rankings, adding meta tags to your pages can help. 
Moblog, which derives from the words mobile and blog, refers to blog content posted from a mobile device such as a 
cellular phone or PDA. You can use moblogging to post to your WordPress blog. 
Tools and features on the tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel are grouped thematically into smaller sections 
called modules. The Create & Update tab, for example, includes modules that group basic site building tools, 
advanced site building tools, and learning resources. Next to the titles of the main modules (except on the Index 
tab), you ll find a small arrow, which you can use to collapse or expand the module. Click the arrow once to collapse 
a module you rarely use, minimizing the space it occupies on your control panel; when you re ready to use those 
features, click the arrow again to expand the module. 
Movable Type 
Movable Type is a comprehensive publishing system that can help you create your own professional, personalized 
blog, or web log, on your site. Written in Perl and powered by MySQL, Movable Type offers full customization, a 
powerful plug in infrastructure, and management tools that make it a great choice for advanced users looking for the 
latest, most comprehensive blog management tools. 
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