Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 170 
MySQL, considered the most popular open source database in the world, is a powerful, reliable tool used to quickly 
access stored data. With a Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions plan, you can use PHP scripting with a MySQL 
database to manipulate data and take advantage of advanced add ons such as PHP Nuke or Advanced Guestbook. 
Experienced users may also use MySQL to create dynamic pages and site elements of their own. 
navigation bar 
A navigation bar is an element on a web page, often graphical, that contains links to other pages in the web site. 
Many sites display a single, consistent navigation bar on each page to provide site visitors with a convenient, 
organized way to browse the important pages or areas of the site. The navigation bar at the top of every page in Web 
Hosting Help, for example, includes links to Small Business Home, Yahoo!, and Help. SiteWizards and Yahoo! 
SiteBuilder can help you automatically create a navigation bar for your web site. 
News Headlines 
News Headlines is an add on available to all users that allows you to display the most up to date news, weather, and 
other headlines on your site. Your visitors will be able to click a headline to view the entire story on Yahoo! News. 
News Headlines can help bring traffic back to your site by offering a useful service and signaling to your visitors that 
your site is updated regularly. 
open source 
Open source describes software whose underlying foundation (its source code) is available to the public. All users can 
view, alter, and redistribute open source software so long as they abide the conditions set out by the license under 
which it is distributed. Popular open source utilities include MySQL, phpBB, and WordPress. 
One of Yahoo! s suite of site building tools, Yahoo! PageBuilder offers step by step guidance through the creation of 
your site using a browser based interface and absolutely no programming. With PageBuilder you get more than 100 
predesigned templates, interactive elements such as forms, the ability to upload your own images, the ease of drag 
and drop editing, unlimited pages, and more. 
page views 
Page views refers to the number of times visitors to your site have looked at your pages. With Yahoo! Web Hosting s 
Site Statistics feature, you can review both the total page views and unique page views (the number of unique 
visitors who have reviewed the pages) for each page in your site. 
See Yahoo! Wizards.
password protection 
Password protection is a security feature that allows you to restrict unauthorized access to a file, folder, or 
subdomain. Using Password Manager in combination with File Manager, you can protect any part of your site, 
granting viewing access only to those users to whom you assign a user name and password. You can also use 
password protection to control FTP access to your site folders. 
Password Manager 
Your Password Manager gives you the ability to control who can view your site or various areas within your site, such 
as a folder or subdomain. You can use this tool to create user accounts that can then be assigned access privileges 
on your site. 
PayPal is an online payment service that allows its members to send money online to anyone with an email address. 
With PayPal buttons, you can affordably accept credit card and other payments through your site. You ll pay a small 
fee for some transactions, such as receiving credit card funds. 
Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is a general purpose programming language originally developed for 
text manipulation and now used for a wide range of tasks including web development and interface design. Many CGI 
scripts   programs that generate dynamic web page content such as guestbooks and discussion boards   are 
written in Perl. With a Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions plan, you can write your own Perl scripts and take 
advantage of Perl based advanced add ons such as WebCalendar. 
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