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A permalink ("permanent link") is a static web address that readers of a blog or news source can use to reference a 
specific blog post or entry. Both Movable Type and WordPress allow you to set up permalinks for your blog so your 
readers can easily link to your posts, helping you drive and retain traffic to your site. 
Personal Address 
Yahoo! Personal Address allows you to send and receive email messages using a customized email address that 
matches your domain, such as you@yourbusiness.com. Personal Address includes up to 10 customized email 
addresses, each of which is associated with a free Yahoo! Mail account, which makes it easy to use and manage. If 
you signed up for Yahoo! Web Hosting Starter before August 17, 2004, and have not upgraded to Yahoo! Business 
Mail, your email service is Personal Address.  
Personal Site Search 
Personal Site Search is an add on available to all users that allows you to install a search engine on your pages. Your 
visitors can use this search engine to find information they re seeking on your site. With Personal Site Search, you 
can also customize the search results page that appears when a visitor completes a search. 
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely used, general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web 
development and can be embedded into HTML to create dynamic web pages. Like Perl, PHP can be used to 
manipulate data in a MySQL database. Experienced users can write their own PHP scripts and take advantage of PHP 
based tools such as PHP Mail and advanced add ons like PHP Nuke or Advanced Guestbook. 
The PHP based phpBB utility is a powerful, fully customizable bulletin board package that allows you to create an 
online community on your web site. You can easily administrate the bulletin board using phpBB s straightforward 
interface and useful help documentation.  
PHP Mail 
PHP Mail is an advanced communication tool that allows you to send email from a PHP script. A perfect way to set up 
customized autoreplies   to site visitors who fill out a form or survey on your site, for example   PHP Mail is 
available as part of all Web Hosting and Merchant Solutions plans.   
A free third party tool, phpMyAdmin allows you to manage the administration of your MySQL database in a web 
interface. Written in PHP, phpMyAdmin can help you create and delete databases; build and modify tables; manage 
database fields; execute SQL statements; and more. 
PHP Nuke 
PHP Nuke is a full featured, completely customizable content management system that includes everything you ll 
need to organize and manipulate information on your web site. Once you install PHP Nuke, you can use it to create 
an interactive forum, online database of news articles, message board, polls, and other dynamic content. Based on 
PHP and MySQL, PHP Nuke is an advanced add on available to all Web Hosting and Merchant Solutions users. 
plug in 
A plug in is a small piece of software created to provide additional functionality to a larger program. A user of the 
larger application can choose to add a plug in to extend the software s native capability without altering the 
foundation of the software. Plug ins such as RealAudio or Shockwave, for example, enable browsers to play audio or 
video clips, while plug ins for graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop provide custom features not included with 
the basic software package. 
POP (Post Office Mail) is an email protocol that allows you to retrieve, compose, and manage email messages using a 
desktop application like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Eudora. All Web Hosting users can take advantage of 
POP access as well as SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), which makes it possible to send messages from your 
computer using your own email client.  
Public Yahoo! Calendar 
Public Yahoo! Calendar is an add on available to all users that allows you to send visitors to the public version of your 
Yahoo! Calendar so they can view your schedule. When you install Public Yahoo! Calendar, you ll add a button to your 
page that your visitors can click to see your calendar. Web based calendars are a great way to share information with 
your visitors and promote events or appearances. 
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