Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 172 
Publishing is the process of making your web pages available on the World Wide Web. After you publish, other people 
can view your site by typing your domain name (such as http://www.widgetdesigns.com) in a web browser. 
Microsoft Publisher is a site building and management tool useful for those with experience using Microsoft products 
such as Word or Excel. If you create a web site with Microsoft Publisher, you can publish it to your account via FTP. 
(Please note that Publisher and other third party software must be purchased separately from your Yahoo! plan.) 
pull down menu 
A pull down menu is an advanced design element that you can add to your pages to provide access to many other 
web pages without cluttering the design of your web page. When your site visitors click on the name of the pull down 
menu, a longer menu of options will appear; they can click any of these options to go to the corresponding page. The 
Pull down Menu add on, available to all users, relies on JavaScript to supply its dynamic functionality. 
Quick Links 
Quick Links is a feature of the Web Hosting Control Panel that allows you to create shortcuts to the most frequently 
used Web Hosting tools. Using Quick Links can save you time by making it possible to navigate to the tools you need 
from any page in the Web Hosting Control Panel. 
FrontPage s recalculate (recalc) function repairs damaged links in your site and updates FrontPage data that may 
have become out of sync or malformed. If you re using FrontPage to build and maintain your web site, we 
recommend recalculating your subwebs periodically to correct potential errors and ensure that your site functions 
If you choose to use a domain you already own with your plan, you must redelegate your domain, or change your 
domain s hosting information. When you redelegate your domain, you re simply telling your domain registrar (the 
company through which you bought your domain, such as Network Solutions) to change the direction of your domain 
from its current server to Yahoo! s name server (the server that handles domains). Please note that redelegation is 
not the same as a registrar transfer: Yahoo! will host your domain for you, but we don t yet offer the ability to 
transfer your domain registration. 
A referrer to a web page represents the location from which a site visitor arrived at the page. The referrer report 
available in the Site Statistics feature lists the search engines and keywords your site visitors used to find your page 
as well as the web addresses of the sites from which they came. You can use this information to gauge the success of 
your promotion efforts and fine tune your marketing strategy. 
Root refers to the highest level of an organizational hierarchy, and is commonly used to specify the main directory of 
a site or application. The root directory of your web site contains your home page and any folders (subdirectories) 
you may have created. Your domain name   such as widgetdesigns.com   represents the root directory of your site. 
You can access your subdirectories by appending the path of the subdirectory name to the root, such as 
widgetdesigns.com/subdirectory1/ or widgetdesigns.com/subdirectory1/subdirectory2/. 
root web 
A root web is the top level directory of a web site created with FrontPage, the main folder that contains all of your 
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