Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 173 
web site s files. The root web of your Yahoo! Web Hosting site is protected by your Yahoo! user name and password 
and can contain many subwebs. You can protect your root web by creating subwebs and restricting other users  
access to those areas. 
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format used to distribute headlines and similar content across the Internet. 
Owners of blogs and other web sites that update their content frequently can make their new posts and content 
available in files called RSS feeds, which consumers can receive and review in a news reading service, such as My 
Yahoo!, making it easier and faster to keep up with new information on their favorite sites. Movable Type and 
WordPress make it easy to create and distribute an RSS feed for your blog. 
search directory 
A search directory, such as Yahoo! Directory, is a catalog of web sites organized by category to allow users to easily 
browse for the information they need. Unlike search engines, which locate and display relevant information based on 
a defined formula using an automated software program, search directories are organized by real people who 
discover new sites and relevant information by exploring the Web themselves and reviewing email submissions. A 
successful submission to a search directory can help bring traffic to your web site. 
search engine 
A search engine, such as Google, is an online tool that helps users of the World Wide Web find the sites and 
information they re looking for. Most search engines use automated programs (sometimes called spiders) to look for 
relevant information based on keywords entered by the user, and search not only web sites  content but also their 
web addresses, number of pages, and links. Search engines are one of the top ways users can find your web site or 
online store.  
A server is a computer attached to a network whose function is to provide (or serve up) data or other resources to 
client computers. A web server, for example, sends web pages to the Internet when asked for them by a browser. 
Other kinds of servers you might encounter are email servers (which manage email distribution), application servers 
(computers that run applications used by other computers), and workgroup servers (which allow multiple users to 
share data). 
server extension 
A server extension is a program that adds functionality to a server. Server extensions are essential to the 
performance of certain software: For example, activating Microsoft FrontPage for use with your Web Hosting plan 
installs server extensions in your web site directory that are required to publish with this third party tool.  
service announcements 
Whenever we make changes to our system, improve your web hosting tools, or become aware of any other issue that 
might affect your site, we want you to be the first to know. We ll notify you immediately by posting a "New Service 
Announcement" alert at the top of your Web Hosting Control Panel. Just click the link for more information.  
Site Statistics 
Yahoo! s Site Statistics feature allows you to view reports on your site traffic and performance. Available reports 
include a summary of page views over the last week or month; your total daily page views; profiles of your site 
visitors, such as which browsers or operating systems they use; and referrer information. You can use this 
information to make decisions about how to improve your site. 
Our most comprehensive site building tool, Yahoo! SiteBuilder gives you the most control over your web site. 
Designed for beginners but with the features and flexibility that intermediate to advanced users want, SiteBuilder 
The quick and easy Site Creation Wizard 
More than 380 fully customizable templates 
Convenient drag and drop editing 
Support for audio and video elements 
Automatic site navigation 
Forms, tables, and Yahoo! add ons 
Full control over your site s HTML 
Plus SiteBuilder is also the only Yahoo! Web Hosting tool compatible with a Yahoo! Merchant Solutions. 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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