Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 174 
See Yahoo! Wizards.
Snapshot Backups 
Snapshot Backups provide a convenient, automatic way to save copies of your web site files without using valuable 
disk space. When you create your site, you automatically activate Snapshot Backups, which stores a copy, or takes a 
"snapshot," of your web site files every four hours, nightly, and weekly, recording changes to your files. These 
backups can prove useful if you need to restore a lost or damaged file, or even if you d just like to review changes 
made to your site. 
SSH (Secure Shell) 
SSH refers to both an application and a protocol for accessing networked computers securely. One can use an SSH 
client (a computer program) to sign in to and complete tasks on another computer in the network, while the SSH 
protocol   used alone or in combination with other protocols   is often used when the secure transmission of data is 
required, such as in sending files or remotely accessing another computer. Yahoo! does not currently support SSH 
access; however, we hope to offer this feature with your Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions plan in the future. 
SSI (Server Side Includes) 
SSI is a scripting language commonly used in web sites to display the contents of one page in another. You might use 
SSI to include contact information at the bottom of every page of your site, for example. Although SSI directives can 
be added to HTML pages, they are not supported by all servers. 
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 
SSL is an accepted standard protocol for transferring information securely across the Internet. It encrypts data 
passed between the server and the browser, ensuring that unauthorized parties cannot interpret sensitive, 
confidential, or personal information such as phone numbers and addresses. If you have a Web Hosting Standard or 
Web Hosting Professional plan, you can use Yahoo! s SSL secure server to protect data passing through your web 
site, such as responses collected through email forms. 
starter web page 
When you sign up for Yahoo! Web Hosting, we automatically create a placeholder web page for you at your web 
address (such as http://www.widgetdesigns.com). Your visitors will see this default Under Construction page when 
they go to your web address until you replace it. The starter web page feature allows you to customize your 
placeholder page by displaying your name, contact information, and some details about your business in a 
professional looking, predesigned template. Your starter web page establishes a presence at your domain until you 
are ready to build a more comprehensive, business class web site. 
Starter Web Page Wizard 
The Starter Web Page Wizard allows you to build a single placeholder web page using limited text and one of our 
eight predesigned templates. You may display some basic company or personal information but not add graphics, 
HTML code, or other design features. With the Starter Web Page Wizard, you can create your starter web page 
quickly to establish a web presence until you re ready to build a full featured, customized web site. 
Stock Quotes 
Stock Quotes is an add on available to all users that allows you to display the most up to date stock quotes, charts, 
and financial information on your site. Your visitors will be able to click a ticker symbol to view more information 
about the stock from Yahoo! Finance. Stock Quotes can help bring traffic back to your site by offering a useful service 
and signaling to your visitors that your site is updated regularly. 
See directory. 
A subdomain, also known as a "third level" domain, is a great way to create memorable web addresses for various 
areas of your web site. For instance, Yahoo! uses subdomains such as mail.yahoo.com and music.yahoo.com to 
distinguish its services. Yahoo! Web Hosting makes it easy to create subdomains.  
A subweb is a subdirectory of a web site created with FrontPage that behaves just like a complete web site   
essentially a web site within a web site. Because you can assign each subweb a different set of authors and 
permissions, subwebs can be a convenient way to restrict access to certain parts of your site. 
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