Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 175 
A symlink, or "symbolic link," is a type of entry that can be used in Unix based computer systems to refer to another 
file or directory. The symlink is an alias for the other file or directory, and can in some cases function as a shortcut to 
that element. Symlinks are sometimes used to help navigate complicated file systems or to trick restrictive software 
applications into interpreting files a certain way. Yahoo! does not support the use of symlinks on members  sites. 
A thumbnail is a small version of a large image. The larger an image (in file size and actual pixel dimensions), the 
longer it will take to download into a web browser. Because small images take much less time to load (in other 
words, to be rendered), thumbnails are often used on a web page or in an application to allow the viewer to quickly 
scan a series of images. Generally a viewer can click on or move his mouse over the thumbnail to load and view the 
full size or larger image. SiteBuilder makes it easy to create thumbnails of images on your own web pages. 
Today s Date 
Today s Date is an add on available to all users that allows you display the current date on your web site. Today s 
Date draws its information from the internal clock of your site visitors  computers, so the date is always correct no 
matter what your visitors  time zone. 
vacation autoresponse 
All Yahoo! email accounts offer a vacation autoresponse feature, which allows you to automatically reply to incoming 
email messages. You might create an automatic reply when you re going on vacation, if you don t check your mail 
frequently, or   perfect for small business owners   if you d like to generate an automated response to frequently 
asked questions, such as pricing or hours of operation. 
visitor profile 
Your Site Statistics reports provide visitor profile information: details about those who view your site. The visitor 
profile report includes information such as which browsers and operating systems your visitors use, whether their 
browsers support Java and JavaScript, and their screen resolutions. You can use this information as you make 
changes to your site design; for example, if most of your site visitors use the Netscape browser instead of Internet 
Explorer, you ll want to make sure your pages look great when viewed with Netscape. 
Weather is an add on available to all users that allows you display current weather reports for just about any city in 
the world on your web site. Your visitors will be able to click the name of a city to view detailed weather information, 
charts, and severe weather warnings from Yahoo! Weather. 
web address 
See domain name. 
Written in Perl and supported by a MySQL database, WebCalendar is an advanced add on that allows you to create a 
fully interactive calendar for your site. 
Web Folder 
A Web Folder is a directory on your computer that acts as a shortcut to your web site. Web Folders, which are 
supported on Windows OS computers (the equivalent feature on a Macintosh is called WebDAV), make it possible for 
you to browse your files on a web server the same way you d browse files and folders saved on your own computer. 
You can save your files in your Web Folder, then use FrontPage s "Publish" button to upload these files to your site.  
web host 
A web host is an interconnected group of web servers containing web site data that other computers can access 
through the Internet. Web hosts, such as Yahoo!, may also provide technical resources and site maintenance.   
Web Hosting Control Panel 
The Web Hosting Control Panel is your center of operations, the console from which you administer your Web Hosting 
plan and create, update, and manage your web site. For a look at your control panel s features and organization, see 
the Web Hosting Control Panel Overview at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/webhosting/intro/intro 02.html.  
web site 
A web site is a collection of web pages, usually linked to each other, that are made available on the World Wide Web 
by an organization or individual. 
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