Contract # GS00T01AHD0002 
Proposal to Add Federal Telecommunications Service   Long Distance (FTS LD) 
6.7  AT&T Web Hosting Services 
6.7.1  Why AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services 
AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services is an ideal choice for mission critical and content 
rich web applications. At the cornerstone of AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services is the 
Enterprise Hosting Platform. Our platform is engineered to provide the utmost 
flexibility and is intended to meet virtually any hosting need. In addition, AT&T 
provides a robust offering of managed services, so the Government can rely on 
AT&T to manage the Government's network, servers, applications, network based 
storage, security, and facilities.  
AT&T brings it all together for the Government to meet its dedicated enterprise class 
web hosting requirements. No longer does the Government need to focus on 
individual pieces, now the Government can focus on its needs as a whole. 
6.7.2  Building the Foundation  
No two hosting business models are identical and each has unique needs and 
requirements. Integrated into the base of the Enterprise Hosting Platform is a 
hardware and software independent system that can be easily adapted to virtually any 
customer requirement. AT&T offers an expanded selection of Sun,  Compaq,  HP, 
IBM and VA Linux hardware and a full suite of industry leading applications from 
Microsoft, Oracle, iPlanet, Allaire and others.  
AT&T is able to manage the intricate components of the Government's hosting 
infrastructure including network, facility and hardware installation, configuration, 
setup and on going health. AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services has also been 
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