Contract # GS00T01AHD0002 
Proposal to Add Federal Telecommunications Service   Long Distance (FTS LD) 
Protecting the Government's Investment 
The Government's hard work, extensive planning, hosting operations and even entire 
businesses can be destroyed in a blink of an eye unless the Government takes steps to 
protect it. AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services maintains a comprehensive security 
infrastructure to help prevent unwanted attacks or intrusion on the network, the server 
infrastructure, and the hosting facility. AT&T Internet Data Centers are located 
within hardened facilities, protected by multiple security measures including multi 
layered identification protocols such as palm biometrics, electronic key cards, and 
photo IDs.  
In addition, AT&T provides a complete range of fully managed security services as 
well as Server Load Balancing and other enhanced redundancy services. 
6.7.5  Managed Security Services 
Security is one of the most important components of any quality hosting platform. 
Our Managed Security Services provides industry leading security that the 
Government can count on. AT&T has security solutions that can accommodate 
virtually any requirement. Does the Government need a simple firewall or does the 
Government need a high performance redundant High Availability (HA) firewall 
configuration with load balancing, Intrusion Detection and VPN Service? AT&T has 
the solution for the Government. Firewall 
Services Managed 
AT&T Managed Firewall provides the initial and essential network security functions 
for anyone implementing Internet based internetworking. Managed Firewall not only 
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I 6 116 



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